About Our Company

Gestoria Administrativa since 1967

Who we are

Gestoría Cobos was founded by Andres Cobos Azuar in 1967 in Torremolinos. The practice moved to Nerja in 1980.  For over 42 years Gestoría Cobos has been providing the people of Nerja with comprehensive tax advice and administration services.

Today,  Maria Jose Cobos Mayorga; Economist, ‘Gestora Administrativa’ and daughter of Andres Cobos Asuar leads the company, delivering the same family values as her father – trust, clarity and a unique personalised service.

Gestoria Cobos is part of the Malaga school of ‘Gestores’. We know the ins and outs of the Spanish Public Administration System and are a trusted bridge between you and them. Thanks to the fact that ‘Gestorias’ are throughout Spain, we are able to operate at State level. 

We pride ourselves with an effective ongoing relationship with clients, who come back year after year for all their tax and administrative needs. The team, led by Maria Jose, includes fluent English speaking Lawyers, Economists, ‘Gestores Administrativos’, and other highly trained professionals. 

Due to our long history and expertise in working with English speaking people in Nerja we have acquired incomparable expertise on tax, residency and legal requirements that arise for a foreigner in Spain.

What is a Gestoria Administrativa?

The question we are asked most when we first meet with clients- “how would you translate ‘Gestoria’ into English. Is it a solicitor? Is it a lawyers firm? What is it?”

A Gestor is a role that is unique to Spain, and one for which there is no direct translation into English. A Gestor encompasses areas from a range of professions – Accountant, Lawyer, Administrator, Consultant – all rolled into one.

‘Gestores’ are a group of professionals who manage and resolve the different bureaucratic processes and administrative procedures that can be complicated, difficult to understand and comprehend for both Spanish people and foreigners alike. Gestores are licenced, deal with state-related paperwork and ensure you comply with the public administration system. Always look for a licenced professional gestor.

Some of the public administrations we work with:

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